How to Convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF

Tips and Tricks  •   July 29, 2020

When you want to convert adobe digital editions to pdf, chances are you’re looking to read your purchased eBooks without Adobe Digital Editions, share eBooks on more devices, or you want to print Adobe Digital Editions eBooks to PDF. We get it; As tons of adobe digital editions book have DRM protection, and some books may come in epub format or just an ACSM file.

Converting adobe digital editions to pdf will require some software, specifically a professional adobe DRM removal. In this article, we’ll show you how to convert adobe digital editions to pdf, show you how to remove DRM from adobe digital editions, print Adobe Digital Editions eBooks to PDF. and highlight a free adobe digital editions to pdf converter we think you’ll love.

Best ways to convert adobe digital editions to pdf

The truth is to convert adobe digital editions to pdf is always the same. You use adobe digital editions to download the book in EPUB or PDF, then use an app to remove the adobe DRM and convert the files to PDF format. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

A real hallmark of success is in the output file quality and the real ability to remove the newest DRM from adobe digital editions. Unfortunately, most of the app failed on these two requirement. Some apps do remove DRM from ebooks but get as an end result which is pretty shoddy, some, however, don’ even support removing DRM from the ebooks. which takes a lot of time for you to test and try.

Method 1: convert adobe digital editions to pdf in 2 steps

Epubor Ultimate is an app dedicated to one very specific purpose remove DRM from Ebooks and convert it to the format you need.

But it does so much more. Epubor Ultimate made its name as one of the best ebook DRM removal and converter around. Besides Adobe DRM, it can remove DRM from Kindle, Kobo & Nook eBooks.

Key Features
1. Remove DRM from Kindle, Adobe, Kobo & Nook eBooks;
2. Convert eBooks to EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PDF, TXT, etc. format;
3. Detects ebook files automatically and lists in different category.
4. Support the latest version of Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.
5. Retains the original quality and keeps all metadata after conversion.
6. Easiest-to-use, only 2 steps.
7. Support edit ebook’s metadata.
8. Faster eBook conversion speed.

Here’s how to use Epubor Ultimate as a adobe digital editions to pdf converter:

Run epubor ultimate, on the left panel you will find that it automatically detects all your eBooks and lists them under the “Adobe” label. Drag&drop the books from the left to the right pane, then it will start removing DRM from adobe ebooks.

Then click the big blue button choose “Convert to PDF”. The files will be converted to PDF immediately.

Yup, that’s all it takes! only two steps required to convert adobe digital editions to pdf. We test the app with a few different old and new Google play and overdrive ebooks and it did succeed at removing all the DRM, and the output file looks really good.

Epubor Ultimate can also remove DRM from Kindle books. The steps above are the same.

Method 2: A free way to convert adobe digital editions to pdf

Now let’s consider another use-case: convert adobe digital editions to pdf for free.

With Epubor Ultimate, you can convert adobe digital editions to pdf really easy and quick. This is fine, but some users may prefer a free method.

Perhaps you just need to convert some fewer books and don’t want to pay to do it. Whatever the case, we’ve found a really good free app that can do the same work as Epubor Ultimate and is totally free.

Calibre is the no.1 recommended solution for book conversion, and it’s not wrong! With Calibre and DeDRM plugin we can easily remove DRM from adobe digital editions and convert it to PDF. The only bad news is, its a bit complicated to set up, so be sure to follow our steps below:

Here’s how to initiate an adobe digital editions to pdf conversion with Calibre:

Step 1: Download and install Calibre for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Step 2: Download the latest version of DeDRM from GitHub and unzip the zip file.

Step 3: Run calibre. open Preferences > Plugins > Load Plugin from File.

Step 4: Navigate to the unzipped DeDRM folder and select the file within the DeDRM_calibre_plugin directory. Click Yes on the virus warning that pops up.

Step 5: Restart Calibre.

Step 6: Run Calibre again and click “Add books” button to add the Adobe ebooks, If you don’t know where the downloaded ebooks are, please locate it here:

For Windows: …\My Documents (Documents)\My Digital Editions …
For Mac: Users/Your computer name/Digital Editions …

Step 7:click Convert books > choose output format as PDF > Click OK.

Print adobe digital editions pdf books

Now that you know how to convert adobe digital editions to pdf, how can you print them? This is very simple with adobe digital editions. Here’s how to do it:

Just Drag and drop the converted PDF eBooks to Adobe Digital Editions, select File > Print. Then in the pop up window, select the printer, and then click on “Print”. Or, you can use Ctrl+P (Windows) or Cmd+P (Mac) keyboard shortcuts to print the book.

Adobe Digital Editions to PDF Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some Adobe Digital Editions to PDF problems, you can read the following questions and answers to get more help.

What is Adobe Digital Editions DRM, How do I know my file has DRM?

Adobe® Digital Editions (short for ADE) is a software developed by Adobe, which allows you to acquire, managing and reading eBooks, digital newspapers, and other digital publications.

Adobe Digital Editions uses a proprietary scheme of Digital Rights Management (DRM) – Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology (ADEPT). Adobe Digital Editions eBooks can only be read through ADE. The DRM also locks content to up to six machines via the same Adobe ID.

To check whether a book has DRM is very ease, you can add the book to Calibre (Windows/Mac). If the book open successfully, then it is DRM free. If the book has DRM, it will then pop up the below warning window:

Can I use online site to convert Adobe Digital Editions to PDF?

There are some online sites that state they can convert ACSM to PDF, but in our test, all the online sites don’t support convert DRM protected Adobe Digital Editions files to PDF. Including Online eBook Converter, Zamzar, etc.

Is PDF editors like PDF Expert support adding notes to Adobe Digital Editions DRM ebooks

Well, If it has DRM, no PDF reader or editor can handle it ADE. but if you have removed DRM from the book, you can add the PDF to PDF Expert and use it just as other normal PDF files.

What is ACSM? Why the book I downloaded are in this format?

After you purchase an eBook from Google Play, Kobo, etc. you may find that the downloaded file uses a .acsm suffix. instead of the file you wanted.

ACSM stands for Adobe Content Server Manager. The ACSM file is not the actual ebook; It’s actually a download link to your eBook. It contains the encryption codes necessary for Adobe Digital Editions to download the actual eBook.

Once you open the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions, it will automatically download the content as DRMed PDF or EPUB files.

Here are the easy steps to download EPUB or PDF files with Adobe Digital Editions

Step 1. Install Adobe Digital Editions and authorize your computer with your Adobe ID.

Find your downloaded .acsm files. and right-click to open it with Adobe Digital Editions.

Then, a window will show you the content downloading process. it will be downloaded and saved in ADE “Digital Editions” folder, either in ePub or PDF format (depends on the ebook provider).