Best EPUB DRM Removal 2020 (free and paid)

Top 10  •   June 22, 2020

How to Remove DRM from EPUB eBooks? We've tested the best epub DRM removal on the market, looking at both free and paid programs, We also cover the legal side of things, for those who are wondering if removing DRM is illegal.

EPUB is the most widely adopted ebook file format. Almost all mainstream e-readers support the format, In many ways, it’s the ebook equivalent of the trusty MP3. However, Unlike MP3s, which you can throw onto any music player and expect them to work, Epub files usually come with DRM(Digital Right Management) which locks your purchased book within its app and reader devices.

This means ebooks you've purchased can only be read on one type of device, even if the epub is compatible with your e-reader.

If you want to read books that have DRM, you'll have to read them on the company's device or use an EPUB DRM removal to remove the DRM.

So, what is the best Epub DRM removal, is there any free software that can remove DRM from Epub files? We have asked that question as well. Just as everybody does we started with a google search. We quickly ended up with a great list of offers and advice on how to do it.

We downloaded those epub DRM removals that are heard quite often and have a large user base: Calibre with DeDRM plugin, Epubor Ultimate, TunesKit iBook DRM Removal, Epubsoft Adobe DRM Removal

So, without any further ado, let’s check out some of the best options to remove DRM from your epub files.

Warning: It is illegal to give away or resell epub files that you have removed the DRM through the internet, so please keep them for your personal use only!

Epub / DRM wiki

File Extension: .epub
Image Support: Available
Audio Support: Available
Video Support: Available
DRM Support: Yes
Works With:
-Adobe Digital Editions
-Barnes & Noble Nook | Sony Reader | Kobo eReader | Other E-Readers
-iOS Devices | Android OS Devices | Other Smartphones With Compatible Applications

ePUB is short for "Electronic Publication," It was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum, and is a widely-used format when it comes to the publication of digital books. Most popular e-readers can handle it, with the notable exception of the Amazon Kindle.

EPUB is completely free to use and is an open standard and vendor-independent format. It is capable of displaying both a fixed width layout and reflowable content, allowing the ebook's text to move on and off different pages based on the size of the device.

ePub DRM

The ePUB standard does not specify any particular DRM scheme but allows for the creation of DRM. So as a result, there are actually several different Epub DRM schemes. And at the moment, there are three major Epub DRM schemes currently in use.

Adobe Digital Editions Adept DRM
The most popular epub DRM scheme is Adobe Digital Editions Adept DRM. This scheme has been licensed by Overdrive for Library use. Many other publishers also use this scheme, with the exception of the Kindle. The DRM is applied to individual files within the ePub container, and require registering your device, you have to use Adobe Digital Editions to download the book first and then remove the DRM from downloaded epub files.

Adobe Digital Editions with eReader DRM (Barnes and Noble used for the nook)
This DRM was developed originally for the eReader ebook format and was ported into Adobe Digital Editions by B&N and Adobe. Only B&N sells books with ereader DRM on them.

Apple FairPlay DRM
The third system is done by Apple via its iTunes application, called Apple FairPlay DRM scheme this one is for Apple iBooks only.

It is also possible to have DRM embedded only on part of the internal file, for eg. many publishers applying DRM directly to the fonts, this can make an eBook seem to partially work in a reader as some things may appear normal while other things do not. Often there is no error message but only a display of a blank screen.

Kobo KEpub DRM
From version 3.19, Kobo changed their DRM schemes from Adobe adept to Kobo KEpub DRM.

For the new ePub 3 book which supports audio and video, it also has their own DRM schemes.

Is removing DRM from Epub legally and ethically correct?

Most of the time, like 8 times out of 10, epub files you've purchased are protected with DRM. The DRM schemes are put in place by the publishers as a safeguard against piracy.

Imagine that you bought a and ebook, and remove the DRM, then give it to another person. They can easily read the book without paying, what if you sell that ebook for trading? Obviously it’s harmful to the creators.

However, If we’re talking about removing DRM for personal usage only, like removing the DRM with the purpose of reading it other portable devices. then things change a lot. and you will be perfectly fine.

On the legal side, most of the time, in the US and the UK, removing DRM from ebooks is illegal, even if you paid for it.

In practice, you're very unlikely to get into trouble for removing DRM from epub files. And if you've bought the ebook yourself, You're unlikely to be prosecuted for it, but this is the (very slim) risk you take.

With Calibre around, why should I pay for an epub DRM removal?

As you probably already know, Calibre is the most popular free DRM removal tool for ebooks. So, with good free tools on hand, what’s the point in paying for other DRM removals?

It is true that we will always prefer free tools like Calibre and online site in the beginning, but most of the users finally pick a professional Epub DRM removal, since a dedicated have developers and teams behind it, they spend time and efforts into perfecting the apps, and they always tend to work more often with new and advanced DRM protection.

Even, some special DRM protections will remove all the content in the original file if you try to remove DRM from it. that’s a risk that you have to take with freebies like Calibre and online sites.

Download Epub books to prepare for DRM removing

For books you purchased from Google Play Book, overdrive.
Run adobe digital editions, click menu Help > Authorize Computer with Adobe ID.

In Google Play store, click Books > My books. Then find the ebook you want to download, click the three dots on the top-right corner of ebook. Next select Download EPUB.

Double click the .acsm file you get from step 2, then adobe digital editions will start downloading the epub file automatically.

For Nook books
Download Nook books with Nook App for Windows. Run Nook app and sign in with your Nook account. Then you will see all of your purchased books displayed in the library. just click the book cover to start downloading epub books.

For kobo books
For books before 3.19, you can download the book with adobe digital editions. But if you Kobo are newer ones, you need to use Kobo for PC/Mac to download the epub book.

For Apple Books
For books that you’ve purchased from Apple Books and then downloaded to your Mac, you can find them at the following location, opening the Books directory.
$ open ~/Library/Containers/
There you’ll find a list of ePUB files for your purchased books.

Epubor Ultimate: Best Epub drm removal overall

This is the best Epub DRM removal overall, with loads of features
Works on: Windows, Mac | Remove Adept DRM: Yes | eReader DRM: Yes | Apple FairPlay DRM: No | Convert ebook: Yes | Cost: $29.99

Epubor Ultimate is definitely a top-notch software in the ebook business. Leaving features aside for a moment, one of the things that we absolutely loved about it is how easy it is to use it. You can remove DRM from Ebooks in only two steps.

In terms of DRM removing capability, you can use it to remove pretty much every kind of DRM protection be it Kindle/Kobo/Google Play/ADE books. and in our test, we find it is now the only effective Nook DRM Removal tool you will find.

One great feature is when your ebook information isn’t accurate, you can change these things in seconds. Just place the book into the interface and begin editing the metadata.

Using Epubor Ultimate, it can automatically detect your ebook files and display them in the left side-bar under each tab.

Epubor Ultimate is shareware, which can be downloaded for a free trial. The free trial can help you decrypt 20% of the book content, that can let you know whether this tool is working or not. Once you register it, you will get the complete books in EPUB format.

You can remove DRM from Epub files using Epubor Ultimate in a few simple steps:

Step 1: download Epubor Ultimate to your computer and launch it.
Step 2: Download purchased epub books to your computer, Epubor Ultimate will automatically detect and list the epub books under each tab in the left sidebar. (According to your epub source it will listed under Adobe, Nook, Kobo, etc. )

Step 3: To remove DRM from Epub files, you just need drag and drop the ebooks to the right main window. the app will remove the DRM automatically.

Step 4: Convert the ebook to other format(Optional), If you want to play the epub books on Kindle, you need to convert it to a Kindle supported formats like PDF, Mobi, AZW3, etc.

Calibre: Best free Epub DRM removal

The top free option in Epub DRM removing
Works on: Windows, Mac, Linux | Remove Adept DRM: Yes | eReader DRM: No | Apple FairPlay DRM: No | Convert ebook: Yes | Cost: Free

Calibre is famous as its eBook management function, But with the proper plugin, it can also remove DRM from ebooks. it is definitely different from the other DRM removal on this list as it’s completely free and open-source. Besides Windows, it allows users to install on Linux and Mac.

To remove DRM from Epub ebooks, you need to install Calibre and then the plugin from It supports Adobe DRM for ePUB and PDF as well as MOBI DRM for Mobipocket eBooks and Kindle DRM. It also supports removing DRM from Microsoft WMA audio files. but Calibre dedrm doesn’t support for Apple books and Nook ePub books.

Aside from Removing DRM, Calibre can do lots of clever things, You can use it to edit a book’s metadata, convert an ebook into different formats, and even download news and magazine articles onto your ereader device. Thanks to the presence of plugins, you can also use Calibre to remove the DRM from any ebook you own.

Since it’s open-source, you won’t see any upsells or third-party ads. The trade-off here is you get less-than-beginner-friendly experience. That being said, once you get over the dated look and find your way around, Calibre can provide most of what you need. Also note that calibre developers will not be able to help when meeting any problems using calibre.

Calibre is completely free, though it's a bit more complicated than Epubor Ultimate. However, once you get the hang of it, you'll find Handbrake an effective tool for removing DRM from ebooks. Here's a quick walkthrough of the process.

Step 1: Download and install Calibre.
Step 2: Download the latest version of (v 6.7.0)
Step 3: Open up Calibre, head to preferences, and click “Plugins” -> “Load plugin from file”.

Then a reminder window pops up asking you “Are you sure ?”. Just click “Yes” to proceed.

Now that all of the hard work is done, the plugin will be installed successfully into the Calibre and it will be shown under the “File type plugins” named DeDRM(6.7.0) by Aprentice harper……

Step 4: Restart Calibre and add books to remove the DRM.

Step 5. if you want to convert a book, just select the books you want to convert. Then click on “Convert books” on the top menu, a window to convert will pop up. Choose a format. And then click on “OK” to start converting.

TunesKit iBook DRM Removal: Best for Apple Books

If you want to remove DRM from Apple Books, this is for you
Works on: Mac | Remove Adept DRM: No | eReader DRM: No | Apple FairPlay DRM: Yes | Convert ebook: No | Cost:$29.95

TunesKit iBook DRM Removal for Mac remains a top choice for removing DRM from Apple Books. As far as I know, this is the only solution to make iBooks DRM-free at the moment. This software supports both .epub and .ibook file extension.

You need a Mac to use this software, as it is only available for Mac, and the DRM removing program needs you to launch the iBooks desktop app before stripping DRM.

What’s neat is that It also retains the original meta info, including book author, book cover, publish date, etc.

This DRM removal has a simple interface and most users will easily get started with it. To start using TunesKit iBook DRM Removal, take the following steps:

Step 1: Launch TunesKit iBook DRM Removal for Mac, it will launch the iBooks app automatically then minimize it to the dock. Don’t quit iBooks in the entire process.

Step 2: Click "Add Files" button, and add the iBook files You can add multiple books in a time.

Step 3: Click "Convert" button to remove DRM protection from iBook ePub files.

Step 4: After processing, click the magnifying glass icon to locate the converted books.

Epubsoft Adobe DRM Removal

Works on: Windows, Mac | Remove Adept DRM: Yes | eReader DRM: No | Apple FairPlay DRM: No | Convert ebook: Yes | Cost:$29.99

Epubsoft Adobe DRM Removal is a software which has received a lot of positive praise. it can remove DRM from PDF or Epub books and convert it to different formats.

it removing Kindle DRM, ADEPT Adobe Digital editions DRM, and output format support PDF/Kindle/ePub/Word/Text.

You can easily convert more than 50 eBooks at an instance. It is easy to use. just select the epub file and click the Start button. All files will be decrypted in seconds. But unlike epubor ultimate it will not detect and load the eBooks automatically, you have to add the ebook manually.

The process of removing DRM using Epubsoft Adobe DRM Removal is almost the same as with previous ones. You just need to complete these steps:

Step 1: Run Adobe DRM Removal, and click the add button add epub files.

Step2: Click the start button to start converting.  it will create a new epub file that is DRM free.

Which Epub DRM Removal is Right for You?

A quick Google search will show you a list of options for removing DRM from Epub files. Each tool varies greatly in terms of performance, features, and price. When deciding on which one to try, you can choose according to your specific needs.

Users needs:
1. The compatibility with different types of DRM
Apps to try: Calibre, Epubor Ultimate
2. Remove DRM from Apple Books: Tuneskit
3. Remove DRM from Kobo books: Epubor Ultimate
4. Remove DRM from Nook books: Epubor Ultimate
5. Remove DRM and Convert it to other formats: Epubor Ultimate, Calibre

How do I know if a certain book is DRM-protected or not?

Ebooks from large publishers in ebook stores almost always have DRM. If Adobe Digital Editions opens as part of the download, it is almost certainly DRM-ridden.

How much does Epub DRM Removal cost?

Generally, you can expect to pay between $20 to $50 for the best Epub DRM Removal software. This is a fair price, considering the functionality you get.

Can I get any good free Epub DRM Removal?

If you only need a free Epub DRM Removal, Calibre may suit your needs. It is free, open-source software that’s been around for a long time. But if you need to remove from Apple Books or Nook, Calibre can’t do that.

You can also check it with Calibre, as Calibre can read DRM-free ePub and can't read DRM-ridden ePubs. note that you may succeed in adding some DRM protected books to calibre, but when you press the CONVERT button. Without the DRM plug-in, the conversion would fail.


Well, there are many software available that can do pretty decent jobs. Price is one of the most important factors when we are comparing the products with similar capabilities. In our screening, We recommend Epubor ultimate, as it is the most powerful app with unique features and a comparably low price. You can download it for a free test. It has a user-friendly interface and works almost all types of ebook DRM.

Well, that said, a freeware DRM removal is always a preferred choice for most users. If you are unsure, you can freely download Calibre and try it with DRM removal.

Anyway, have a look once more at the comparison chart to make your own decision. In case you find an Epub DRM removal app with other features that suits you best, please contact us via email to share your experience.

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