How to Convert ePub to PDF [Updated 2022]

Tips and Tricks  • September 11, 2022

ePub to pdf converters are applications that help you convert ePub files to PDF format. Certain online sites, ebook conversion software, and browser extensions can convert your ePub files to PDFs so that you can share them or print them easily.

Following is a handpicked list of best ePub to pdf converters on the market. The list contains ePub to pdf converter online (open-source and free) and paid (commercial) software. Each method has its own pros and cons, so you know its best use case.

Read on to find out which method fits you the best!

Keep in mind if the you get the ePub files with adobe DRM protection, you’ll need to remove the DRM from ePub files first, then start the conversion process afterwards.

Be prepared to make some edits after the conversion

Different ebook converters produce different results, I have tried several websites and ebook converters to convert some .epub books I have to PDF. Non is a “perfect” ePUB to PDF converter.

The end result varies according to the software you choose, and if the ePub file is full with images and style, be expected that after converting to PDF the formatting may get messes up, text will turn out too big or small, and in most of the time the fonts will different from the original file.

So if the PDF file doesn’t look the way you want after the conversion, you can try with a different ePUB to PDF software. as you won’t know what you’ll get until you try.

Convert ePub to pdf for printing

Also, If the main reason for you to convert ePub to pdf is to print this ePub file, you can just use the Calibre to print ePub files directly to PDF. if however, the ePub file is DRM protected and you are highly concerned about the display of the converted files, then I recommend you use Epubor, which according to my experience, the output PDF are styled better than with Calibre.

Beware Some Sites

There are lot of online ebook converting sites and software, You should be careful with online ePub conversion sites and software that asks you to enter your personal information or download sth. Some of them can be buggy, or dangerous, it may attempt to infect your system with malware. So, make sure you’re running trusted antivirus software before you check any such website.

With those caveats in mind, let’s check out how to easily convert ePub to PDF.

Method 1. Convert your ePub files to pdf online & free

The first method lets you convert ePUB to PDF online. The best part is that it is totally free to use, and you can convert ePUB to PDF without downloading any software. Also, it works the same on all major platforms including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

As ePUB to PDF conversion is very popular among users, there are many online sites available for you to choose.

Online sites that are safe to convert ePub to PDF

Zamzar is an online ebook converter that support almost all popular video and ebook formats, it has no ads and process files much faster than other sites. As the steps for most of the online sites are almost the same, Here we’d like to take Zamzar as an example. Please follow these steps.😄

How to convert EPUB to PDF for free


Step 1. Go to the Zamzar website, Click “Add Files” to add the ePUB file(s).
Step 2. Select “PDF” as the output format.
Step 3. Then Click “Convert Now” to convert your EPUB file.
Step 4. Select Download when the conversion is complete.

Tips: You can use these same steps to convert a PDF file to ePUB format vice versa.

Why are online ePub to PDF sites so slow?

Online sites need to run a server to process and convert your ePub to PDF, this requires a good bandwidth and it do costs money. To cover this cost, many online sites host advertisement on their site, some of the online sites will deliberately slowing down their conversion speed, so as to let you spend more time looking at advertisements. Some sites even make profits by showing malicious ads or asking you to enter your personal information and selling your data!

Tips: If you file upload and process is very slow or even have no response, we recommend that you cancel the process and upload to convert the file again.

How do i converter large ePub to PDF?

Online ebook converters like Zamzar don’t support converting ePub files larger than 50mb to PDF, so to convert large ePub file to PDF, we need to use some desktop apps like Calibre.

With desktop ePub to PDF converter, you can convert large size ebook files and convert it in batches. Also, you will get the ability to make changes to ePub files before conversion, like add metadata, change ebook cover, etc.

Method 2: Calibre – Convert your EPUB eBooks to PDF for free

If you want to convert ePub files to pdf for free, you can use Calibre, it is the only app that provide the solution for you to print .epub to a pdf directly, and the end result are very good. Though, it may broken large size images into chunks in the ebook.

If you want to read ePub files just open it with Calibre, and besides converting ePub files to PDF, Calibre also supports converting between popular ebook formats. The supported formats including:


How to Convert EPUB to PDF with Calibre:

1. Simply drag and drop the EPUB files you want to convert into Calibre.

2. Click “Convert books” and set the output format as PDF.

3. Wait for some time and after the epub to pdf conversion click “Click to open” to find the output PDF.


  1. Calibre may not be a good solution for device with limited RAM, as it used up all 2GB of my ram, and crashed multiple times when I doing the conversion.
  2. You can also use calibre to convert pdf to ePub vice versa.

Method 3: Epubor Ultimate – Convert DRM EPUB to PDF

Most of the time when we get the epub files from Google Play books or Overdrive, the EPUB files are very likely to come with drm protection, in this case, we have to remove the DRM from epub files before converting it to PDF.

Usually, If a EPUB has DRM, a warning message will pop up like below.

Besides converting ePub files, you can also do ebook conversions between TXT to PDF, HTML to PDF, mobi to PDF, RTF to PDF etc. and If you are concerned about the output quality or want to add metadata Epubor ultimate will give you the best result compared with other apps on the market.

Steps to convert EPUB to PDF with Epubor Ultimate eBook Converter.

1. add epub files by drag and drop.

2. The program will remove DRM from epub files automatically after EPUB files added. You will see “Decrypted” shows below the ebook list.
3. Edit EPUB metadata as you like.

4. Select PDF as the output format and click “Convert to PDF” to start the process.

Method 4: Can Adobe Acrobat open and covert EPUB?

Can you open epub in adobe reader?

Adobe Reader is the official software for reading PDF files, but you will NOT be able to open ePUB files with Adobe Reader. To open ePub files you can use Calibre or Adobe’s official epub reader – Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). It is available Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

So, can Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) convert Epub files to PDF
Yes, you can use Adobe Digital Editions to both read and convert a EPUB file, please watch the video below to see how to convert Epub files to PDF with Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Acrobat can convert PDF to EPUB, but how do I convert EPUB to PDF with it?
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the official tool for converting and creating PDF files, you can easily convert EPUB to PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Steps to Convert EPUB to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Step 1: Click “File” to add EPUB files.
Step 2: Click on “Export” and select PDF as the output format.

Method 5: Convert EPUB to PDF with Chrome extension

If you don’t want to use any software and need a way that can convert EPUB files to PDF with your Google Chrome, you can use a extension named ePub to PDF – Convert and Merge to read and convert EPUB files.

This extension is free to download and it use the API from to convert your ePub files to PDF.

Information on EPUB and PDF file


File Extension:.epub
Developer: International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)
Associated Programs: Adobe Digital Editions, Apple iBooks, Sony Reader
Description: EPUB (Electronic Publication) is an open source format developed by International Digital Publishing Forum. it is an open XML-based format which allows reflowable content. Which makes it possible to adapt the file according to the size and shape of the screen it is being displayed upon. An ePUB file mainly consist of three elements: archive, metadata and content. Also, epub is a format that allow DRM protection.
Additional information:


File extension: .pdf
Developer: Adobe Systems
Associated Programs: Adobe Viewer, foxit reader, Ghostview, Kindle, Adobe Digital Editions
Description: PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe. it is used to present documents in a fixed layout (similar to an image) which display the same throughout various operating system, application or hardware. Most often, a PDF can contain text, images, data, multimedia, etc. The official program for reading PDF files is Adobe Reader.
Additional information:


Converting ePub to PDF isn’t that hard, especially with free online websites, If you want to convert ePub to PDF for print, just go with Calibre. If you want a quick and good quality option, than consider try with Epubor ultimate. In addition, if you’re super savvy and have needs for editing PDF files, then Adobe Acrobat will be a good choice.

To get the most out of a ePub to PDF converter, choose one that suits your demands. Think carefully about the number of ebook files to convert, their size, and the required function. If you have any suggestion, e.g. you found another good software, please do let us know and leave a comment, we’d be happy to add it and update the post.