How to Convert Kindle To PDF in 2020

Tips and Tricks  •   June 19, 2020

Given how popular kindle nowadays, we really want or need to have some of those books on computer or convert kindle to PDF for reading on other eReaders like Kobo, Nook, Sony, etc.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of how to convert kindle to PDF isn’t immediately obvious. and most articles are several years outdated and seem to be obsolete or difficult to follow.Unfortunately, the answer to the question of how to convert kindle to PDF isn’t immediately obvious. and most articles are several years outdated and seem to be obsolete or difficult to follow.

To help clear up some of the confusion and after some trial and error, we’ve put together a guide outlining 4 different methods to convert kindle document into PDF. Even if your kindle files are DRM protected or in KFX format, you can still use some of the methods below to handle the files.

Method1: Convert Kindle to PDF with Epubor Ultimate (Mac and Windows)

Some people might confused why we need this tool, It is true that a part of users prefer to use online kindle to PDF converters in the beginning, but most of the users finally come to use Epubor Ultimate. Since 98% of the Kindle books are protected by DRM, which are not supported by those online converters. There are indeed some software with DeDRM plugins out there, but personally, none of them is convenient enough.

Also, even if one use a DeDRM plugins that remove the DRM and use online tools like zamzar and Calibre to convert Kindle to PDF, the quality of both is no improvement on reading on a computer screen. Gibberish, strange line breaks, lose of image, changed text styles, all this makes it difficult to follow the flow of the text.

Epubor Ultimate is a professional Kindle DRM removal tool for both Windows and Mac users. It can decrypt the DRM protection from kindle books with lossless quality and fast speed. It is the first software that supports remove DRM from KFX books after Amazon change book formats to KFX.

Epubor Ultimate main features:

  • Support Convert ebooks purchased from Kindle Store, adobe digital editions, Kobo, Google play books, Nook, Sony and other stores

  • Convert eBooks to PDF, MOBI, EPUB, AZW3, TXT format.

  • Can detect the files in your Kindle device for fast PDF conversion.

  • Save or Customize important metadata.

  • Support the latest version of Windows 10 and Mac OS Catalina.

  • Allow batch conversion.

  • Allow meta data modification.

If you’ve decided to take this route, it becomes very simple to carry out the file conversion: Steps to Convert Kindle to PDF with Formatting:

Step 1: Download and install Epubor Ultimate

Free Download Epubor Ultimate for Mac

Free Download Epubor Ultimate for Windows

Step 2. Connect Kindle to the computer

Find your downloaded kindle ebooks, or connect your kindle device to computer and Run Epubor Ultimate, it will detect all the books in your Kindle device and displayed them on the left sidebar.

Step 3. Remove DRM from Kindle ebooks

Drag and drop the Kindle books to the right panel or click “Add” button to addd books to the right panel, voila, all of your books will be decrypted immediately.

Step 3: Convert drm free kindle books to PDF

Choose Convert to PDF in the bottom of the interface. Then click on “Convert to …” to start the conversion.

Once finished, the “Succeeded” will be displayed. Click “Succeeded” to open the folder of the output PDF file.


Simple and easy to use.
Remove DRM from Kindle KFX books fast.
Good output quality


Paid software, but you can use the free trial version first to decide whether to use or not. And epubor provide 6*24 online customer service.

Method 2: Convert Kindle to PDF with Calibre — Windows, MacOS, and Linux

As ebook fans we must know the software Calibre( The free and open source ebook library manager and also a file converter, it supports most of the popular ebook formats and plugins it becomes even more powerful for you to convert DRM protected ebooks and convert from Kindle KFX to PDF.

As most of the guides on how to use calibre to convert kindle are outdated and not so clear on each steps, I spent sometime reading this topic, testing and trying to find out all the necessary bits and pieces to get the job done. Though it wasn’t trivial, the good news is that it’s totally free.

Note: Calibre cannot convert DRM-protected books unless you have installed the DRM removal plugin. If not, you’ll get the below error.*Note:* Calibre cannot convert DRM-protected books unless you have installed the DRM removal plugin. If not, you’ll get the below error.

Also, for users who recently download kindle books in KFX format, you have to install the KFX plugin for Calibre to add KFX files.

For this guide we will need the following software:

Calibre software.
Apprenticealf’s DRM removal plugins.
KFX Input Calibre plugin.
Your Kindle device serial number.

Step1: Download, install, and run Calibre.

Download and Install Calibre onto your computer if you haven’t already get them installed.

Step 2: Download 2 plugin and upload it to Calibre.

After you install and start Calibre, you will need to install the two plugins and upload it to Calibre.

Apprenticealf’s DRM removal plugins 6.7.0

KFX Input Calibre plugin

Note: Please be sure to download it from the official site as in my test I have encountered over a dozen infected downloads.

To install KFX Input, click on Get new plugins, select, install, restart Calibre.

Then download the latest DeDRM-tools. It comes as a .zip archive, Open the zip file after downloading the De-DRM plugin, drag and drop the DeDRM_calibre_plugin file to the desktop.

Step 3: Calibre plugins setup

Your next step is to configure the DeDRM plugin. Click Preferences on Calibre’s tool bar, then -> Advanced -> Plugins

Click the “Load plugin from file” button.

Double click the DeDRM_calibre_plugin file among the desktop file.

Choose the, then click Open.

Click Yes and OK.

Then repeat the same operation to load the zipped KFX Input folder to Calibre.

The loaded DeDRM plugin will be displayed under File type plugins.

And the loaded KFX Conversion Input Plugin will be displayed under Conversion input plugins.

Restart Calibre please.

If you own a Kindle, there is one final step. In Calibre, go to Preferences > Plugins and expand the menu underneath File Type Plugins.

Double click on the DeDRM listing, choose e-Ink Kindle eBooks, and add your device’s serial number. You can find it by firing up your Kindle and going to Menu > Settings > Device Options > Device Info.

For now, you have conquered the most difficult part. Next you only need to add your kindle ebook file to Caliber, If your kindle books are downloaded via Kindle desktop app, import your downloaded Kindle books to Calibre, then the the book will be decrypted during the Adding books process. But if you’ve previously added books to calibre that with drm, you’d better import them again.

After adding the kindle book to Calibre, click Convert books in the tool bar.

Then choose PDF as the output format and click OK to begin the conversion process. Calibre will start to convert books.

The status zone at the bottom of the right corner “jobs:” will show the progress of conversion.

When the status turns to “Jobs: 0”, the conversion is completed.

After executing the conversion process, the application will provide the link to save the converted file to the computer. The link is available under the “Formats” section as shown in the screenshot.

And that’s it. We’re done. Happy times.


Save time on managing your e-book collection.
Operates on Windows, macOS, and Linux
Free download and no ads


Sometimes will be crashed.
Somewhat complex for a new user
Help files are difficult to follow
Take some time to install the DeDRM plugin and not stable to decrypt eBooks.
No customer service.

Method 3: Convert Kindle to PDF with Online Sites (Free)

Do you prefer to avoid installing software? there are some file conversion sites can also do the work for you, it providing conversion and then a download link for you to download the converted PDF file.

If you choose this method, please noted that the most disadvantage of online converter is that it can’t deal with DRM-ed file. Both of these software options require your Kindle books to be in AZW format rather than the new KFX format that Kindles are using now.

So if you want to use online converter to convert Kindle AZW to PDF, please make sure they are DRM free.

ZAMZAR is an online service that can convert AZW Kindle book to PDF. Here are the steps about how to convert Kindle books to PDF.
Step 1: Navigate to or in a web browser. Click ‘Add files’.

Step 3: Choose the output format as PDF.

Step 4: Click “Convert Now” button after all the files are added, Zamzar will convert the files automatically.

Note: Don’t close this page, because the download address of the converted files will be shown in this page after the files are converted. and it might take several seconds or longer depending on the size of your file and your internet connection.


No need to install third-party software.


Only convert files with no more than 50 pages or 5MB in size.
Do not support batch conversion.
Ads everywhere, because it’s a free online site.
Should input email address to receive the converted file.

Method 4: Kindle Book to PDF on iOS or Android (only work with DRM free ebook)

For users who want to converting books directly on iOS or Android devices. you can use the following 2 methods:

Option #1: Kindle to PDF on iOS

For iOS users we can use and app named The Ebook Converter. It can covert from Kindle books to ePub, Mobi, AZW3, PDF, LIT, PDB, TXT, FB2, TCR, etc.

Step 1. Download the app.

Step 2. Add your kindle books.

Step 3. Choose output as PDF.

Option #2: Kindle to PDF on Android

For Android users there are more apps that can convert between ebook formats, here we use the app named All File Converter. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download and install All File Converter.

Step 2. Choose eBook Converter.

Step 3. Add Kindle books.

Step 4. Choose “convert-to-pdf” and click “Convert” to start the conversion.

Note: This two method above only works with DRM free ebooks, if you have kindle books that are protected with DRM, please download the book to a computer and use the other method above.

What Format Does Kindle Use?

Amazon has the largest online ebook store in the world. at the same time, Amazon’s Kindle devices and software use the most complicated eBooks format mechanism. Below are the most common Kindle ebook formats.


The most common Kindle format is AZW it debuted alongside the first Kindle back in 2007. That’s to say, if you have downloaded a Kindle book, it is highly possible that it is an AZW file. Naturally, all of Amazon’s Kindle products can read the format, but popular readers like Nook and Kobo cannot. Android and iOS both can read AZW.

AZW3 (KF8)

AZW3, also called KF8 is the advanced version of AZW, it is arrived in 2011 with the release of Kindle Fire. Compared to AZW, it is more advanced by supporting more styles, fonts and layout. Kindle for iOS cannot read KF8 format ebooks.


If you purchased a Kindle book and downloaded to Android device or synced by Kindle for Android, the format would be PRC.


AZW4 is a new version for textbooks (similar to PDF).


AZW6 files mainly appear in Japan Kindle store’s manga books. it contains only texts with all the images saved in a related folder. So if you have download a book as AZW6 it will lose all image after converting.


AZK is a special iOS version for Kindle Reader on Apple products.


AZW8, also called KFX, is the latest format of Amazon Kindle. it is a complex archive format that includes numerous features, such as typesetting engine, fonts, multi-page thumbnails, and also DRM.


If a ebook is downloaded via Kindle for Mac, it’s likely you will get a .kcr file.

What is DRM on Kindle books?

Like companies that trade in digital intellectual property, Amazon uses digital rights management (DRM) protection in their e-books. and when you buy a ebook from Amazon, Nearly 97% of the purchased Kindle files contain DRM. So in common we can’t simply copy and paste kindle files to computer, and we couldn’t transfer them directly to android, kobo, Sony eReader, etc. Also we can’t convert ebooks from one format to another, like from kindle to PDF.

DRM’s goal is to prevent piracy, and that’s a worthy premise and modestly effective. but, as a legitimate consumer, the DRM scheme does limit the options. and we are forced to be locked into one ecosystem, device, or app.

Is it okay to Remove DRM from Kindle books?

When the topic of converting Kindle to other format, there’s a side subject that most people concerned : Is it legal? or if there are any risks with it?

Let’s be clear: downloading and converting kindle ebooks for share/sell the books is in violation of copyrights laws. On the copyright front, as long as you’re converting a ebook for your own personal offline use, and you are not sharing it with others you’re probably okay.


Don’t share/sell ebooks with others after remove DRM. In some region, it may be illegal. This post is only write for personal use, in which case you will not run into any problems.

What about Converting Rented Kindle to PDF?

If you get a rented Kindle book that is encrypted, you can use Epubor Ultimate we mentioned in the 1st part to remove DRM and then converting Kindle books to PDF.


Hopefully, this guide was useful. If you are a Kindle lover, being able to convert kindle to PDF will give you access to a lot of books. The apps we’ve discussed above will help you do this easy and efficiently.

In most cases, we will seek free or low-cost solutions, but only to find dedicated tools get the best results. So here We rate Epubor Ultimate the highest; cause it is the more straightforward solution, and have all the function needed. Calibre is the hardest to get up and running, but can really help you done the work. and if your kindle books are DRM free, you can just use the online sites we recommend.

If you have other favorable solutions, or encounter any problems while trying out the above methods, feel free to leave a comment below.